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Birmingham has a thriving economy. There are many enterprising businesses, both those which have been around for a long time and those which are brand new and exciting. We celebrate all manner of businesses, from green ones, educative ones, charity ones to others working with exciting new technology and inventions. Get in touch with us if you have any queries about the Birmingham economy!


The Midlands

We think that it is often very tricky for tourists to find out what all their choices are when they want to leave the city and go away on holiday or to go travelling. And, indeed, it’s just as hard for people in other cities, who want to see friends, or experience our world here in the Midlands.

People are not identical, and want to have their own opinions about their transport choices.

It is vital to demonstrate the true price of making a journey, both in terms of time and cost. For example, a twenty-pound saving flying from Heathrow instead of Birmingham can seem like a lot less when you take into account the cost and time incurred in getting to the airport.

Making a good choice generally involves both information and experience. We have subsequently included our own booking guides for almost all things to do with making a journey.

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